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for Soprano Saxophone and fixed tape

Hari Om - Available following the world saxophone congress in july 2018!

Hari Om is composed for soprano saxophone and fixed tape. The composer’s intention throughout the piece is to seamlessly connect the possibilities of processed sounds with that of the saxophone. The fixed tape consists of processed recordings of eastern instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls and Thai kahn as well as the saxophone itself to create a synergistic and meditative soundscape. This piece offers a feeling of fluid freedom as the saxophone and fixed tape only have two points of absolute synchronization. The composer endeavored to use the full range of sound possibilities that can be made by the saxophone to include multiphonics and altissimo notes alongside its traditional sounds. This piece will be enjoyed by audiences for its unique qualities of blending polar sonic spaces. 

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for string quartet

In Memoriam, Mark

In Memoriam, Mark is dedicated to the life of Mark McGinley. 

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for saxophone ensemble

Mountain Symphony

Mountain Symphony is a chamber symphony for saxophone ensemble. It was composed for Dr. Jonathan Bergeron and the Northern Arizona University Saxophone Ensemble.